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Kinco ultra strong cold weather mitts
Kinco ultra strong cold weather mitts

Kinco ultra strong cold weather mitts

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A strong model of mittens that can be used for winter sports or just for recreational use in cold weather.

These vintage mittens are made of pig leather and come with 2 sachets of wax. This wax is used to make the mittens waterproof and more flexible. In addition it gives the mittens a nicer and warmer appearance. We will provide a manual how to put the mittens in the wax.

-Made of high quality pig leather
-Thermal lining
-100 polyester knitted wrist to preserve heat
-Sewn with extra strong Draylon® thread
-Long lifespan
-Includes special Nikwax waterproofing wax
-Available in sizes S, M, L, XL

Note: The mittens in new condition look like the pictures. After a wax treatment and by using the mittens they will look slightly darker and get more flexible.

Many of our customers who use these mittens are winter sports enthusiasts, ski centres, ski instructors, patrol staff, lift operators and maintenance workers.